[Mod] Moarmour (armor_addon fork)

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[Mod] Moarmour (armor_addon fork)

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(yes, that's how it's spelled!)

Forked from armor_addon to bring it into the new decade! MT v5 translation support, French translation, and a modified craft chain to be able to use both dead player bones (MTG's bones) and the bonemeal-mod bones found while digging dirt to create the skeletal armour!

Download from within the game's content DB (website), or GitHub.

License: GPL 2.0

Dependencies: Optional dependencies (for MOAR! ARMOURS!) Please report bugs or request help on this forum topic. Bugs can also be reported directly on GitHub. Pull requests welcome.


Unzip the archive, rename the folder to moarmour and
place it in minetest/mods/

( GNU/Linux: If you use a system-wide installation place
it in ~/.minetest/mods/. )

( If you only want this to be used in a single world, place
the folder in worldmods/ in your world directory. )

For further information or help see:

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Re: [Mod] Moarmour (armor_addon fork)

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What is SCP-055?

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