[Mod] Extended Tooltips: Base [1.0.0] [tt_base]

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[Mod] Extended Tooltips: Base [1.0.0] [tt_base]

by Wuzzy » Post

Basic item tooltip extensions!

This mod is for the Extended Tooltips [tt] mod to extend item tooltips with the following basic info:
  • Tool digging times
  • Weapon stats
  • Food stats
  • Node damage
  • Node light level
  • Node info: climbable, slippery, bouncy, jumping restriction
Note that food items need to be marked by the game/mod author in a special way first to be recognized by this mod (see README.md). The other information is detected automatically.
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Re: [Mod] Extended Tooltips: Base [1.0.0] [tt_base]

by ShadMOrdre » Post


Do you have a git link? Some of us simply don't use ContentDB, and prefer a good ol' manual install from a trusted FOSS repository.
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Re: [Mod] Extended Tooltips: Base [1.0.0] [tt_base]

by Nathan.S » Post

Content DB usually includes a link to the video if available.
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