[Mod] WieldView II [wieldview]

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[Mod] WieldView II [wieldview]

by sorcerykid » Post


WieldView II Mod v1.0
wieldview (by sorcerykid)

WieldView II shows the currently wielded item. It is based on the mod by Stuart Jones, and therefore makes use of the player model from 3D Armor for texture mapping. Since no attached entities are used, it is perfect as a lightweight alternative to Wield3D..

Once installed, the mod should work out of the box. However, the following options can be configured by editing "config.lua" if needed
  • timer_period - interval in seconds to update the wield item texture
  • timer_delay - delay in seconds for the update timer, useful to avoid concurrency
  • tile_transform - the texture transform to apply to node tiles
  • tile_projection - the texture projection to use with node tiles (either "side", "top", or "cube")
Additionally, you can add custom transforms for oddly-oriented craftitems and tools to "transforms.lua" (e.g. the screwdriver).



Download Archive (.zip)
Download Archive (.tar.gz)


3D Armor (required)

Player Registry Mod (required)

Configuration Panel Mod (required)

Pluggable Helpers (required)

Source Code License:

GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPL-3.0)

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Re: [Mod] WieldView II [wieldview]

by FreeGamers » Post

Nice concept to use textures instead of entities. But there are a bit too many dependencies for it to be widely used I think.

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Re: [Mod] WieldView II [wieldview]

by pampogokiraly » Post

FreeGamers wrote:
Sat Sep 19, 2020 15:53
But there are a bit too many dependencies for it to be widely used I think.
This is exact reason why i didn't use this mod.
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