[MOD][mesecons_soundblock] Sound block for mesecons

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[MOD][mesecons_soundblock] Sound block for mesecons

by nitro2012pl » Post

Hello everyone,

I want present for you my first mod for MineTest - Sound block for mesecons [mesecons_soundblock] which allows for play any OGG file which is in mesecons_soundblock\sounds.

It easy to set up.

1. Copy OGG file to mesecons_soundblock\sounds folder.
2. Take soundblock (type /give <player> mesecons_soundblock:block on the chat or search block in the inventory).
3. Place soundblock on the ground.
4. Click right button of mouse on soundblock - it opens configuration window.

- Channel - (string) channel's name,
- Hearing distance - (int) max. distance between block and player. If is greater than declared, player don't hear anything from block,
- Volume

5. Next connect soundblock using digilines with e.g. microcontroller.
6. If you want play sound, type in e.g. controller:

digiline_send("channel", "oggfilename")

channel - name of earlier declared channel
oggfilename - name of ogg file in "mesecons_soundblock\sounds folder" without file extension

If is correct you should listen sound file.


CC BY 4.0

Link do project:

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Re: Sound block for mesecons [mesecons_soundblock]

by srinivas » Post

Oo, looks interesting, thank you...

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Re: Sound block for mesecons [mesecons_soundblock]

by Miniontoby » Post

cool mod
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