Hopper Mod Improvement

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Hopper Mod Improvement

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I don't understand github so if someone can pull request the hopper.zip for me that'd be great.


Performance improvement. It no longer loops over all added containers.

Compairator added. Percentage based checking and selectable inventory target. Tool's count as 99 items.

Wooden hopper added. Its just a slower hopper.

Lockable hoppers through mesecons.
Note: items can still be taken from locked hoppers by unlocked hoppers. No items will be picked up or transfered by locked hoppers.

Added support for a few elepower machines.

Hoppers with rails on top only pickup 1 item. Works great with the boost_cart mod (an inverted start stop rail would be nice btw. Carts could move back and forth on their own delivering coal to my furnaces).

Hoppers now slowly pick up items, 10 at a time. Not sure how useful that is.

I'm working on / trying to figure out how to make a 'splitting' hopper. That way a single hopper can fill two furnaces.

With the compair and locking hoppers an item sorter maybe possible.

Hoppers below can take items from side hoppers above them.

This is difficult to explain:
Items are carried downward. Hoppers will no longer insert unless they have no hopper that can take items underneath them. This allows for a pillar of chests to be filled bottom up. Instead of just inserting items into every possible hole like it did before.

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