[WIP] Elektrika's Beyond Ores Mod [elektrika_ores]

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[WIP] Elektrika's Beyond Ores Mod [elektrika_ores]

by Elektrika » Post

This is my first mod, it introduces 20 randomly-named ores that are rarer and more powerful than diamond. Each ore comes with a full tool set and armor set.
Note that the textures in the screenshot are different than what they look like to you, as I am using a custom texture pack.
(670.87 KiB) Not downloaded yet

If anyone has ideas as to what I should add next, leave a comment below.
This mod depends on Instant Ores and Default to work. 3d Armor and Farming are optional.
Unzip the file to get the mod, and place it in the mods folder.
(683.27 KiB) Downloaded 9 times
I like mods that add dimensions and ores!

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Re: [WIP] Elektrika's Beyond Ores Mod [elektrika_ores]

by HighPopes » Post

I like the varity of colors. I don't know if you can easily do this but crystals/plants of some sort on top of the ore would be interesting. Kinda like the glowing coal plant from ethereal.

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