[Mod] Fulcrum [fulcrum]

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[Mod] Fulcrum [fulcrum]

by LibraSubtilis » Post

Fulcrum generates a tower in the center of the world that connects the upper
boundary with the lower boundary of the map.

+ More Screenshots
It uses a schematic as a layer that is stacked to fill the space. The layer
consists of two nodes registered in this mod and wooden doors. The doors
are used, if the doors mod is installed and enabled. If default is enabled,
crafting recipes for the stone and the glass of fulcrum are registered.

Code: Select all

fulcrum:stone (shaped):
				| default:desert_sandstone	| default:desert_sandstone
				|				| 
default:desert_sandstone	| default:desert_sandstone	|

fulcrum:glass (shapeless):
default:glass, fulcrum:stone
It is possible to exchange the built-in layer with a schematic of your own. You
can replace both fulcrum_layer_with_doors and fulcrum_layer with the same
schematic or create one with doors and one without doors.
fulcrum_layer_with_doors is used, when the doors mod is enabled, otherwise
fulcrum_layer is used. The dimensions of the built-in schematics are 7x4x7. In
case you replace it with a schematic that has a different height, it should
divide the height of a chunk (80) evenly.

The version of this mod is 20.44.6 (year.calendar week.day).

- Download
- source

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