[Mod] Computers [0.1.8] [lwcomputers]

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[Mod] Computers [0.1.8] [lwcomputers]

by loosewheel » Post

LWComputers provides programmable computers and robots, floppy disks, printers and a digilines controlled mesecon power switch.




Minetest Version
This mod was developed on version 5.3.0


Optional Dependencies

  • Code licence: LGPL 2.1
  • Font images: Are derived from Liberation Mono licensed under the Liberation Fonts license.
  • Media licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0
  • Sound licence: CC BY 4.0
  • GUI has keyboard and responds to mouse clicks.
  • Each computer and robot can be persistent (remain loaded).
  • Robots can move, detect, dig, place, craft and work with inventories.
  • Hard drive and floppies use folder under world folder for storage (can be edited externally), or meta data storage (optional - mod setting).
  • Running computers restart (clean boot) when world is re-entered.
  • Clipboard item to facilitate copy/paste.
  • Support for mesecon and digilines.
  • Computer's programming language is lua.
  • Each computer runs in its own environment (sand-boxed).
  • Computers retain hard drive data when being moved.
  • No inherent os, looks for file "boot" at startup.
  • Los disk item boots to command prompt.
  • Lua disk item boots to lua prompt.
  • Character terminal display, supporting 16 colors.
  • Display resolution can be changed (mod setting - affects all).
  • Printers, pages and books.
  • Digiswitch, digilines controlled mesecons power.
Meta Disk v World Folder

Meta Disk
This option stores computer and floppy disk data in the item's meta data. This increases burden on the game engine, but ensures that no redundant data remains. Contents of the disks are not directly accessible outside of the game. This option may be better for multi-player games. Where players may be losing items all over the place, and don't have access to the world save folder anyway.

World Folder
This option stores computer and floppy disk data each in its own folder under the world save folder. The disk contents are directly accessible outside of the game, and generally less data needs to be moved around per operation. If a disk item is removed from the world (permanently) the disk's contents may remain in the world save folder. This option may be better for local games, where you want to tinker with your programs to get your contraptions to work.
The world save folder for an item with a disk will be removed if:
  • The trash item from this mod is used to dispose of it.
  • The item is dropped in the world and is removed by the game.
  • The pulverize command is used.
The disk data of any existing worlds will not be accessible if this setting is changed.

+ Spoiler
Download, extract to mods folder and rename to "lwcomputers".
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Example robot program

by loosewheel » Post

Robot farming program

+ Program Code
If a chest is at the end of a run in a front direction, the robot will empty its storage into it.
If harvesting pumpkin or melon a cutting board needs to be in the robot's storage.

Create the program file:
  • boot robot on LOS disk.
  • copy the example program and paste it into a clipboard item.
  • place the clipboard item into a slot in the robot.
  • on the terminal, from root, enter edit farm.
  • press ctrl+alt+V.
  • press ctrl+S.
  • press ctrl+Q.
To run the program:
farm [-h] length width [delay]

-h - Show help.
length - The node length of the farm patch.
width - The node width of the farm patch.
delay - Seconds to wait until running again, if omitted or zero runs once.

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