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Summary (Please read first):
This mod is mostly an API. It allows modders to design skyscrapers that progressively build themselves over time using schematics. Each skyscraper consists of segments which consist of a specific floor design. Each segment can also define how many floors it will build. A floor design, referred to as just a 'floor' in the API may not necessarily be a 'floor'. it could also be a antenna on the tower or even a foundation or whatever you want. Each floor design, has stages that it is built in, and each stage has a schematic assigned to it. When a stage is finished it moves to the next construction stage. The API is still very new and I suggest it will be added to a lot in the future.

This mod comes with a 'sample' skyscraper to demonstrate what it does. In the images above, you should see that the wielded item in the players hand looks like a skyscraper icon. You can use this item to place skyscrapers with the sample mod, however using the API you can place skyscrapers however you want by using two different functions.

The API also comes with a documentation in the mod's 'doc' folder.

Version: 1.0

Minetest Version: 5.3.0 or later

License: LGPL 2.1

Requirements: stairs

Download: Browse Code or Direct Download

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