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[Mod] Pickles (pickles)

by FrostRanger » Post

Initially created to make use of the salt from NathanS' survival mod, this mod adds various pickles and jerky. This is created specifically for Cabin Fever so if it seems a bit dependency heavy that is why. I may attempt to make some of the dependencies optional once I get it in a place where I can reasonably say its finished (but of course, pull requests for this are welcome). In any case, this mod adds:
-Standard pickles (duh)
-Pickled carrots
-Pickled watermelon
-Pickled peppers
-Pickled beets
-Duck jerky (Nssm)
-Amphibian Jerky (Nssm)
-Werewolf jerky (Nssm)
-Crocodile Jerky (Nssm)
-Dolidrosaurus Jerky (Nssm)
-More to be added in the future!

The mod depends on, default, survival, farming redo, my version of the wine mod, ( https://gitea.zenwillow.site/FrostRanger/wine Do "Not" use Tenplus1's version of the mod, this mod depends on some custom recipes I added to my version of the wine mod), vessels and Nssm (use Tenplus1's version as the older versions do not work properly with recent versions of mobs redo)
It optionally depends on my sanity mod, but that functionality is not working yet, so i won't link the mod yet
You can view the source and download the mod at:
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