Modding/Coding for Minetest - WHere to start

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Modding/Coding for Minetest - WHere to start

by OwenBean » Post

Hi everyone - I'm just beginning to experiment with minetest mods, and they have inspired me to learn lua, with the sole intention of creating mods/helping with development (if i can). I'm proficient at c++,

However I'm definitely one of those people that likes to take apart existing code to learn, instead of browsing through lots of pages of tutorials. Consequently I'll probably end up opening up each file in minetest and figuring out what it does.

All I am asking here is if someone could give me a *rough* guide to what I should focus on:
this folder contains the engine
that file is necessary for minetest to look for your mod etc.

Apologies if thats too vague/ asking someone to explain rocket science in under 50 words :P

Thanks for your time,

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