Package management in Minetest

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MarkTraceur wrote:"best" meaning....?

I mean, it's nice, and it could be useful, but it doesn't seem to have any API, it's (apparently) a totally new system, and from what I can tell it's not free software. One of the better options still seems to be a debian-style package manager and repository.
It does have APIs, as described on this page

It has a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

I can also make new API's for it, when requested (like I did for 3m). All files are hosted by the mod owner, at the momment.
It supports git links, so i think github would be the best for this.

It is a totally new system that I made from scratch
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Maybe something like Homebrew
It uses Github. (of course other services could also be used)
Creators of new mods could send pull requests and when it get's into the main branch it will be available to the users.
This would give control over which mods will be included and would help to prevent users installing malicious mods.

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