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Re: [Mod] Wiki Mod [wiki]

by kaeza » Fri Mar 04, 2016 17:47


Changed layout of the wiki formspec to show the links on the right, allowing more links to be provided.

Also added a dedicated close button.

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Re: [Mod] Wiki Mod [wiki] / signs

by hajo » Sat Jan 27, 2018 19:58

kaeza wrote:Only players with the "wiki" priv can create/edit pages.
- Add support for "user space" pages (only writable by owner), plus a single "private" page.

It would be useful to have separate privs for editing of all the public pages,
and for writing to those private pages only.

Also, could wiki-blocks be made to open to a certain page,
eg. to be used as signs with lots of text ?

For example, a wiki placed next to a sign "rules"
would open to the wiki-page "rules",
and another wiki-block placed next to a sign "crafting"
would open to the wiki-page "crafting".

Currently, showing longer texts on signs is quite a hassle...


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