[Mod] Image Loader [0.1.0] [imageloader]

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Re: [Mod] Image Loader [0.1.0] [imageloader]

by Sokomine » Post

kaeza wrote: which translates to C:\whatever\minetest\mods\foo/bar.lua
...unless the mod deliberately searches for the slashes in order to act as a file browser. Lua just doesn't seem to be very consistent here. If all you're doing is loading some files with dofile, it's not relevant. But the pahts are just not the way they might be expected.
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Re: [Mod] Image Loader [0.1.0] [imageloader]

by kaeza » Post

If you need to manipulate paths, feel free to implement all the functionality required. In this particular case, the question was whether or not this mod would work under Windows, citing an unfounded fear that it might cause problems due to different directory separators. The C lib under windows (MSVCRT) supports using forward slashes as separators, so why should I concern myself with these details? It makes the code portable to all platforms currently supported by minetest. If it ever causes problems, it will be fixed. Until then, no more discussion on this subject from my part.
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Re: [Mod] Image Loader [0.1.0] [imageloader]

by bobomb » Post

inspired by this mod I wanted to show some work I did today on the realterrain mod, now allowing you to map a greyscale image as a heightmap and the same image in color as a color overlay. this map is 640x480
while the intent is to overlay satellite imagery onto elevation maps, it is fun for this kind of thing.
of course realterrain requires a lot of external libraries... and introduces 216 new textures to accomplish this.


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Re: [Mod] Image Loader [0.1.0] [imageloader]

by lordfingle » Post


If you'd like to create load images vertically instead of flat on the ground, change this routine in imageloader.lua:

Code: Select all

function imageloader.to_schematic(bmp, pal)
	local data = { }
	local datai = 1
	for y = bmp.h, 1, -1 do
		for x = 1, bmp.w do
			local c = bmp.pixels[y][bmp.w + 1 - x]
			local i = palette.bestfit_color(pal, c)
			if (i == 1) and ((c.r ~= 255) or (c.g ~= 0) or (c.r ~= 255)) then
				print("WARNING: wrong color taken as transparency:"
					..(("at (%d,%d): [R=%d,G=%d,B=%d]"):format(x, y, c.r, c.g, c.b))
			local node = pal[i].node
			data[datai] = { name=node }
			datai = datai + 1
	return {
		size = { x=bmp.w, y=bmp.h, z=1 },
		data = data,
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Re: [Mod] Image Loader [0.1.0] [imageloader]

by azekill_DIABLO » Post

great! but we need a better color render :/

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