[MOD]GCode Interpreter[version 0.0][GCI]

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[MOD]GCode Interpreter[version 0.0][GCI]

by aldobr » Post

This mod adds the possibility of building things using GCode generated for a reprap machine.

Its plain simple.

Install the mod, load some gcode file at the mod directory and while playing type:

/reprap <gcodefile>,<material>,<x>,<y>,<z>

where <gcodefile> is the file name of the file containing the gcode object you want to draw
<material> is the material to be used (ex.: default:wood)

and x, y and z are the coordinates of where you want the print to happen.


the file contains three gcode files (column.gcode, cone.gcode and sphere.gcode)

please bear in mind that the parser follows reprap rules, so there are some limitations.

to generate gcode you will need http://slic3r.org/ and cad files.

the init.lua file version works with any version that doesnt have voxelmanip,
the init.lua.bak version is a special version that works with voxelmanip and is way faster.
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