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by zachery.rios » Post

yo I can't get mods tto work I mean I looked on YouTube Google but I couldn't get them to work help!!!

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by kaeza » Post

Read this topic, but post here instead of creating a new topic.
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by LionsDen » Post

Mods need to be placed in the mods folder. The name of the particular mod you are installing must be correct for the folder that it is in. For example, if you use the voltbuild mod, the folder that mod is in will need to be named voltbuild and is located in the mods directory. When you first unzip the voltbuild mod it will have the folder named voltbuild-master and this is peculiar to any mod that is downloaded from github. One way to find out the correct name is to look at some of the lua files in the mod folder and find out what it calls any items/nodes that are created in the mod. The mod folder needs to be named the same as the items/nodes up to the colon : or errors will result. Hope this helps.

P.S. The mod does need to be unzipped in order to work, just placing the zip file in your mod directory will not work. If you don't know how to unzip, google or some other search engine is your friend.

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by kwalters-price » Post

how do i download mods? :(

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by general3214 » Post

Downloading Mods Guide for Noobs:
1. Go to a mod topic.
2. Look for a word that says "Download". (Use Ctrl+F if the need comes.)
3. Click the link to the download.
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