[solved]exporting DirectX animation with blender 2.62

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[solved]exporting DirectX animation with blender 2.62

by stu » Sat Feb 09, 2013 17:52

Could someone please explain the correct procedure for exporting the default character.blend to character.x

I have been trying to do this using the built-in exporter but I only seem to get a still object, ie. no animation. I have tried various options like selecting 'full animation' and exporting armatures but nothing seems to work, even when no changes have been made to the default character.blend file itself.

Edit: I finally figured it out but for future reference, export settings are as follows.

X - Rotate X 90 Degrees
0 - Flip Normals
X - Apply Modifiers (what I was missing)
0 - Include Frame Rate
0 - Export Textures
X - Export Armatures

Animations: Full Animation
Export: Selected Objects

Note that both the mesh and the armature must be selected in object mode.
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