Flashing water and transparent leaves over water.

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Flashing water and transparent leaves over water.

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When I look out over the water, I see all of these sections underwater that flash on and off. I know this is a function of how the engine works, but it really robs some of the beauty of just looking out over the water. I also see strange behaviour with tree leaves over water. The leaves become completely transparent and come and go.


The image shows one problem, The foggy trees in the background appear in front of the leaves in the foreground. And below, the light and dark areas in the water will flash on and off.

Below you will see an example of transparent leaves over water.
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The part about flash on and off happens on slower PCs, even for nodes that are not underwater. The game is adjusting the number of visible nodes to match your fps_wanted
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celeron55: "That happens with water too; it's because minetest doesn't do alpha sorting for nodes and it's kind of tough and a pain in the ass to implement. Probably some day, but not anytime soon."

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