Minetest World and Direct 3D Problems

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Minetest World and Direct 3D Problems

by BorisGrishenko » Post

Adarqet and I were making a Hamachi server a few weeks ago. I wanted to do the same, but my computer lags for some reason. I asked Adarqet why and he told me to change my video driver into DirectX 9.0 than OpenGSL (i think). I actually got connected with his Hamachi server, but only for a few seconds. Then Minetest disconnects me from him.

The next day I tried playing Minetest again and I got this:

00:08:33: ERROR[main]: ServerError: Failed to bind socket (port already in use?)
00:09:04: ERROR[main]: Failed to delete C:\Documents and Settings\Malou\Desktop\minetest-0.4.7\bin\..\worlds\Minetest
GUIConfirmMenu: Not allowing focus change.
Access violation at 4FEBEB06 write?=1 address=6926618
In trans_func.
Access violation at 4FEBEB06 write?=1 address=6926618
00:08:29: ERROR[main]: Some exception: "Access violation"

My thoughts were:

- Changing my default video driver into DirectX 9.0 (This is how I typed it: video_driver = direct3d9)
- Hamachi and Internet works just fine.
- Giving myself privileges during gameplay (might trigger something)
- Changing into fullscreen

Please give me a response right away, this hinders my server creation.
(This will be updated when more crap happens.)
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by sfan5 » Post

Try using OpenGl instead of Direct3D9
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