Game Fixing/Enhancing

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Re: Game Fixing/Enhancing

by Vazon » Post

Ok, so it seems to be a way to change size and type for everyone do it by hand. Then I think a simple solution would be to maybe add a setting for it???? So everyone can set it to there own personal touch to it and maybe also let them choose the color of there chat and other peoples chat on there side, that would give chat a bit of pick me up and make it look better and it would get peoples attention. Some people seem to forget chat is there ( including me ) because it doesn't pop out when something changes.

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Re: Game Fixing/Enhancing

by gamergardencat » Post

My machine is 2 years old under $600 runs everything new still great. Only I would like to see the compass mod fixed when I click on the door it closes jit. Minetest runs fine with 30+ mods running even while I am recording video. I would like to see though the game take advantage of 4 cores and the gpu. Unfortunately the game engine doesn't use something modern like pygame. Light weight something means no easy path to multithreading. Yes liberationsans and DroidSansMono fonts are very good choices there are tons of fonts out there to chose from including Tomaha and Macaroni And Cheese. Besides, I haven't seen v5 mapgen in ages. Looking at the cpu usage history for core #1 and I expected usage to max out while the map is generating. Instead it went down. The line was like \. That is great news since that means there is a lot of margins to generate lots of interesting things. This is with fly mode, run, 20 mods or so including mobs. FPS rarely goes down to 25 and stays somewhere around 35 and 63. Normal for all 3d games I have played since at least 1999.
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Re: Game Fixing/Enhancing

by ysrd » Post

Guys, a lot of us run the game with no problems most of the time. We load the mods we want and a lot of us run on not the best hardware and it works just fine for us. But remember this is 0.4.x code. There are bugs and if someone is set up bad or has that one particular weird setup that ghives problems or loads every mod in the universe on at once they will have problems.
Even people who normally would have no problems with the game. Maybe he's using Windows 8 or has a vitruis scanner (apparently they need those with windows...) and if you are using Mcaffee AV and any game (Minecraft would be worse as it is Java but I am not sure how many files lua touches) then well nothing works well and it gives you stallouts every 10 to 15 minutes.
Or a combination of the above.
I doubt that minetest has a rigorous release management system with multi-level testing and sign-off like the paid games should. It's a community effort and like every open source effort it works for the people who make it and that is the core audience. We are very greatful that they shared with us and let us give back.
Part of that giving back is reporting bugs. This helps people fix the game. But a bug report that cannot be recreated as written is not as helpful as the reporter may think it is. I have read a lot of bug reports in my day job. The best ones come with stack dumps and a list of the exact steps required to create the problem and specs of the system having the problem. Ok ones at least specify what the issue is in terms that are liek when I have all of these mods installed and I am doing these things with these settings (if you are using the default setting say that.)
Knowing alot of other people having the same problem (speed?) but all the devs with older systems are not having the same problem doesn't help unless you tell them more details in a way they can reporduce the error.
We have had to go get customers PCs to test with because they were unable to articulate the problem in a way we could reproduce the error. I doubt the minetest devs can do that.
Anyway I am still trying to figure out why I glitch through floors still. (Always /sethome when you start a new world and reset it once your house is built. (Until you get a compass or somethign that can telelport you.))

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Re: Game Fixing/Enhancing

by Dragonop » Post

If I where a dev, I will wait to the 1.0 version to add this kind of stuff

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