What is a [WIP] Mod/Subgame?

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What is a [WIP] Mod/Subgame?

by benrob0329 » Tue Aug 11, 2015 03:59

I don't think that this is quite explained...
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Re: What is a [WIP] Mod/Subgame?

by AlexYst » Tue Aug 11, 2015 06:42

Some people don't like to spell out their words and it confuses newcomers.

"WIP" stands for "work in progress". I work in progress module or subgame is just a module/subgame that someone has posted, but isn't in a real usable condition yet. The poster is continuing development, but making the code available before it is finished. THis is not the same as a completed module/subgame that continues development in an effort to improve it. If it is a "work in progress", it is likely to be a bit buggy and/or incomplete.

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