[Mod] Loot Framework [loot]

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[Mod] Loot Framework [loot]

by Byakuren » Wed Feb 03, 2016 03:49

Source: https://github.com/minetest-mods/loot
License: Apache 2.0
Dependencies: default

Download: https://github.com/minetest-mods/loot/a ... .1.0.1.zip

This is a framework to aid in registering and generating loot. When you register a piece of loot, you give it a weight for each category you put it in - the chance that particular stack is selected when generating loot is the weight of the loot divided by the total weight of the category. For reference, diamond has a weight of 100 in both of the categories it's in.

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        { weights = { generic = 100,
                      valuable = 100, },
          payload = { stack = ItemStack("default:diamond"),
                      min_size = 1,
                      max_size = 5,

When generating loot you give a category and a count of loot to generate to loot.generate_loot. It returns a list of ItemStack.

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loot.generate_loot("generic", 3)

For particulars, refer to the github page.

The mod also adds loot chests to dungeons, which can be disabled with no_dungeon_loot=true in your minetest config.
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