[Mod] Simple Homestart [homestart]

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[Mod] Simple Homestart [homestart]

by lordfingle » Thu Sep 01, 2016 02:41

This mod adds a block that will allow the silent setting of a respawn point. It also provides simple player specific and global start location services.

Download at https://github.com/eidy/homestart/archive/master.zip


When the player passes near this block it will set the start location at the block. This can be useful in narratives, where you want the player to respawn at somewhere different from the original start, such as a tutorial.

Getting a block

Create the block using "/giveme homestart:block".

It looks like cobblestone, for placing in a path. :)


It adds a new privilege, startlocation (if not defined by startlocation)

/startloc - sets the start location to wherever the invoking user is standing

/sethome - Sets a player's personal home (requires the home privilege)

/home - Player returns to personal home (requires the home privilege)

In addition, if there is a valid start location then all NEW players will begin life at the start location. Also, players will begin at the start location upon respawning.

Depends: default

Optionally depends: unified_inventory, startlocation

Code license: Apache 2.0

Github: https://github.com/eidy/homestart
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