Minetest VS minecraft ...

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Minetest VS minecraft ...

by peyo56 » Post

Sorry to be agressive ...

I love the openSource movement, but I hate stealing ideas from other ...

So I think to make a openSource minecraft clone is a good idea, but please, don't copy this game exactly how it was maked, make a new, with diferent rules, ...( look at Super Mario kart and Super Tux Kart, Super Mario and Super Tux, they have a concept that look the same but diferent )

And make theminimal for being universal, such as keyboard mapping options, or let the player making new block, new rules just with simple text files for example ...

I won't blame you for making a clone, I blam you for copying the notch idea ...

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by SpeedProg » Post

Well arguing like you. Why not blaming Notch for copying Infinitminer?
Just stop that silly argumentations. I've tried minecraft and I am playing his and at least I'm staying at minetest not only because of the better resource management (Java really kills my netbook) but although because this one definitively looks better in my opinion. And because of it being open source an can be really sure about what I'm using :). Another point would be that there are no silly monsters running around at night.

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by Fishkilleur » Post

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