[mod] Maple tree [maple]

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[mod] Maple tree [maple]

by h-v-smacker » Mon Jul 09, 2018 23:05

While on Hometown, I noticed a nice tree, namely maple. I couldn't find the mod elsewhere and asked ExeterDad about it — turned out, the mod was his own, used on Hometown exclusively. I asked for the mod, and he shared the source. The tree is based on the default tree, but is somewhat taller and has much more pleasing colors; its tree top is also neatly round. In my opinion, it makes for a much better urban tree than the default tree.


I cleaned it up a bit, added support for some other mods (bonemeal, moreblocks...) and here it is:


Since ExeterDad said "Feel free to do whatever with it. Maybe throw my name in there somewhere if you pass it on", the license of the mod is MIT.
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Re: [mod] Maple tree [maple]

by voxelproof » Sat Jul 14, 2018 14:07

Thank's, I'll add it to my worlds :)
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