configure the subgame only

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configure the subgame only

by unknownentity » Wed Jan 02, 2019 04:06

I tried several things:
-- put a settingtypes.txt in the game directory
with a line to change the movement speed
don't work!
-- put a minetest.conf in the game directory
with a line to change the movement speed
don't work!
I made the changes while minetest was closed and before changing I also cleared my cache (in utter despair), but it just do not work!
In this GUI advanced settings tab I can change the physics for subgames but only when they have a settingtypes.txt in the directory.
But editing the file only is just ignored by the program... wtf!? o_0
I have to change it in the colorful shiny gui... but suprise then it works globally, althought there are TWO different settings (one for minetest_game and one for my subgame [see attachment])...
But when I change the walking speed in one subgame the other one is changing too automaticially!
Sorry but the setting configuration just sucks! (...I am so angry... I tried over an hour... >|-( )

Can anyone tell me please how get the settings for my subgame to work WITHOUT changing the global settings or the settings from the other subgames?
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Re: configure the subgame only

by Krock » Wed Jan 02, 2019 13:02

A: You can't. It's only possible to specify the game default settings using the minetest.conf file in games/your_game/minetest.conf.

minetest.conf settings will always override the game defaults.
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