Impossible to type a 7 in the Minetest menu (Fedora)

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Impossible to type a 7 in the Minetest menu (Fedora)

by cronvel » Fri Jan 11, 2019 17:04

That's in the title : I can't type a 7 in the menu, so for example I can't enter an IP address to join if it contains a 7.
I'm on Linux Fedora 29, never had issue with the keyboard in any software, my laptop running Fedora 28 has the same issue.
My keyboard layout is french (hardware), but it doesn't help if I turn it into an english layout.
Using the 7 on the keypad doesn't help either.

Once I'm in-game, I can type a 7 in the console, only the Minetest menu seems affected so far.

I'm running an up to date stable Minetest (from the official Fedora repo).

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Re: Impossible to type a 7 in the Minetest menu (Fedora)

by Krock » Fri Jan 11, 2019 17:40

Another one bites the dust. You're using a french keyboard and Irrlicht <1.9.
I literally closed the issue 10 seconds before reading this post:

PS: Compile Minetest with the latest Irrlicht 1.9-dev tree and check whether it's fixed. It's not a Minetest issue, thus we cannot help you otherwise.

EDIT: french keyboard (mentioned in main post, guesses were correct)
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