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by MrThebuilder3 » Post

in an future update will the torches have an animation like the minecraft torches?

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by sfan5 » Post

i think no
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by neko259 » Post

Nothing has animation for now. Maybe sometime we'll have animated water, torches and other (maybe APNG?), but that's now more important than game usability and features, I think.

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by dannydark » Post

@MrThebuilder3: The torch stuff in MC is done with particle effects, but the liquids are animated. I've heard a few people mention particle effects for digging etc so when a particles system is added I don't see why not. However, I know that Celeron55 is working hard on more important things now, so it may be some time off unless someone else was to develop it.

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by Zekermei » Post

Honestly, i think we need to worry about making torch light reach farther, rather then making them animated.

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by ThatRandomGuy » Post

Not sure.
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