[mod] Markov Macaws - mobkit [markov_macaws]

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[mod] Markov Macaws - mobkit [markov_macaws]

by Eran » Post

Markov Macaws


Markov Macaws adds parrots to minetest.
They parrot things that were said in chat near them. Using markov chains, they even create custom sentences to a certain extent. You can befriend them by talking to them and giving them food. If they like you, they will follow you and dance when you hop in front of them. They will also let you carry them on your shoulder.

Some of the behaviours can be customized in the included markov_macaws.conf file. You can also specify sentences that every newly spawned parrot knows in default_words.txt (one per line)

Parrots don't spawn on their own yet. Use /spawnentity markov_macaws:macaw to spawn them manually.

  • Minetest 5.1+
  • mobkit
  • player_api (optional)
Code: MIT
Media: CC BY-SA 3.0


(183.59 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: [mod] Markov Macaws [mobkit]

by CalebJ » Post

Oh, this is such an ingenious idea!!! Great work with this! :D
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