[Mod] Item Drop Party [item_party]

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[Mod] Item Drop Party [item_party]

by Krock » Sat Nov 09, 2019 15:33

Help, I have too much cobble!

Inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6s5HkT3Kx8

Link to the detailed README.

This mod fills your inventory. Fills it way too fast with mostly useless nodes. As soon your inventory is full, worthier items will be dropped. Thus, pay attention that you don't fill your inventory too fast.

Designed for PvP without area protection. Optimal experience with an item_drop mod installed.
Such useless nodes are placed stack-wise. Place one, take a stack. Digging players will get the entire stack back.

Designed for different strategies
  • Build a fortress using entire stone stacks to fill the opponent's inventory
  • Drop stacks to let the opponent lose their weapons by chance
  • Let yourself kill with only garbage in the inventory. The opponent will only get your useless nodes.

License: CC0/WTFPL
Depends: default

GitHub / clone URL: https://github.com/SmallJoker/item_party.git
Download: .zip (prefer git cloning)
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