MG_Villages mod fix

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MG_Villages mod fix

by AkiraKitsune » Post

hey guys, I bet most of you get sick of the fact you can't edit your villages. I found a way to fix this; First, you need to delete Protection.lua, then go to init.lua and get rid of the line of code under a comment like, "protect the village from greifers".

you can edit the village as you please

can become greifable (if thats even a word :/ )

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Re: MG_Villages mod fix

by ShallowDweller » Post

Or we could just remove the dofile protection.lua thing from init.lua so we can easily re-enable it?

ps: YAY! Now I can finaly use that mod in singleplayer! :D I'll test this sometime this week, like a good procrastinator.

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Re: MG_Villages mod fix

by Sokomine » Post

AkiraKitsune wrote: hey guys, I bet most of you get sick of the fact you can't edit your villages.
Why does everyone wants to grief poor villages? :-( Anyway...apart from setting the config variable, you might as well go the normal way - that is: buy a suitable house in the village by clicking on the plotmarker (a barn or so won't be enough) and become an inhabitant of the village. After that, you may edit the public area of the village and your house. Owners of other houses might still object...well, or set the config variable.
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