[Modpack] Power Rangers [2.2.0][powerrangers_modpack]

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[Modpack] Power Rangers [2.2.0][powerrangers_modpack]

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powerrangers_modpack is no longer in beta.

[modpack] Adds Power Rangers to Minetest

[mod] Morphing Grid [morphinggrid] Documented API for power rangers.
[mod] Power Rangers Villians [pr_villians] Undocumented API for power rangers villians.
[mod] Communicator [communicator] Adds functionality for the power rangers wrist communicator.
[mod] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [mighty_morphin] Adds Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Minetest
[mod] Power Rangers Zeo [zeo] Adds Power Rangers Zeo to Minetest.

The documentation on this webpage is not very reliable. For better documentation, please use a crafting guide mod for Minetest, and look at '/help all', and '/help privs' ingame for a better documentation. If you want to make your own power rangers using the 'morphinggrid' API, take a look at "powerrangers_modpack/morphinggrid/api_documention.txt"

This mod requires Minetest 5.2.0 or later otherwise there will be bugs no doubt.

Details & Comments
  • Features

    - Nobody can use a morpher without the power_rangers priv
    - Players can morph by clicking when holding a morpher.
    - While morphed, your player name is not visible to other players, depending on the ranger team.
    - Has every ranger from MMPR and Zeo (not the alien rangers)
    - There is a crafting item called Morphing Grid Energy that can be found inside a 'Morphing Grid Energy Port' node
    - Each player can summon their respective ranger weapon while morphed by using /summon_weapon <weapon_key>
    - Players with the communicator priv can now message each other privately. They can also message the world and any player privately in which case the message shown in chat will hide your identity as a ranger by using the last color you morphed into as your name. Your name will be appended by "@MMPR_Rangers so everyone knows you are an actual ranger and not pretending to be one by making your username the name of a ranger. When message only those who have the priv, your actual player name will show appended with "@Communicator" so they know it's a private message to those with the communicator priv.
    - Also, using the communicator priv, you can teleport to any location that you save. You can also manually teleport to a location if you know the position and teleport near another player without teleporting in their exact location.
    - Players can also teleport back to the last location they were at without having to save it.
  • Commands

    /morph <player> Morphs a player. Requires the 'morphinggrid' priv.
    /demorph <player> Demorphs the player Requires 'morphinggrid' priv to demorph another player. If '<player> is empty, you will demorph.
    /make_powercoin This requires the powercoin_maker priv. Use like this... /make_powercoin <coin_name>. coin_name is the name of the power but not the color. i.e. dragonzord_powercoin, mastodon_powercoin, pterodactyl_powercoin, triceratops_powercoin, etc...
    /cmc_message Message all players with the communicator priv. (Essentially everyone who has a communicator)
    /cmc_message_player Message any player privately instead as a ranger. Will not show your player name.
    /cmc_message_all Send message to chat instead as a ranger. Will not show your player name.
    /cmc_set_nickname You can set a nickname instead of using a ranger color while messaging all or a player.
    /cmc_clear_nickname You can clear your nickname so it will again automatically know what ranger you are.
    /cmc_teleport_pos Teleport to a specific position.
    /cmc_teleport Teleport to a location you saved by it's key.
    /cmc_teleport_to_player Teleport near a player.
    /cmc_teleport_back Teleport back to where you last teleported from.
    /cmc_teleportation_add_pos Save your current position with a key.
    /cmc_teleportation_remove_pos Delete a position key.

    /summon_weapon <weapon_key> Summons a weapon. You cannot summon a weapon that does not belong to the ranger you are morphed as.

    /dragon_shield Gets the green rangers dragon shield if you have the green rangers power coin. Also makes it disapear if it is on.
    /give_dragon_shield If you have the dragon shield you can transfer it to another player.
  • Privs

    morphinggrid Allows players to access more of the morphinggrid.
    power_rangers Allows players to harness a morpher and be a power ranger.
    communicator Allows players essentially use a communicator allowing them to communicate privately with other rangers and teleport from location to location with ease.
    powercoin_maker Allows players to create power coins.
  • Important Notes
    -You cannot find morphers, power coins, weapons or armor parts in the creative inventory. They must be obtained by using /giveme. Comment if you think this should be changed and tell how. I'm not putting them in the creative inventory though.

    - It is recommended to install a mod that allows you to see how to craft stuff.
  • Comments

    If you have any ideas let me know. Also if you want to collaborate to make zords let me know. This mod is not finished this is just a beta.

Screenshot: Features Quartz mod



Mod Version: 2.2.0

Minetest Version: 5.2.0 onward

Depends: default, dye, 3d_armor

Optional Depends: electronic materials (this mod has not been published yet on the forums but can be found on my github)

License: 2020 LC Creations - LGPL v2.1


Direct Download


Browse Code

This mod is great for online servers. Pick 5 players you trust and make them become the power rangers.
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LC Creations
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Re: [Modpack] Power Rangers [1.0.0][powerrangers_modpack]

by LC Creations » Post

Hello everyone, Power Rangers has finally been updated from beta to full release. There has been a major change and some items now have crafts.

LC Creations
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Re: [Modpack] Power Rangers [2.2.0][powerrangers_modpack]

by LC Creations » Post

Hello everyone, Power Rangers Modpack has been officially updated. Morphing Grid can now be used as a stable, and well documented API, to create your own power rangers teams and weapons. Have fun. Report any bugs you experience on GitHub.

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