greyed out mods ingame list ?locating crash reports?

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greyed out mods ingame list ?locating crash reports?

by cuthbertdoublebarrel » Post

in configure what is the reason for the greyed out mods in the in game mod list . as i already have those mods installed is it to signify that the in game ones are outdated ?.
also where are the crash reports stored i would like to be able to copy and paste the crash report to google to check for known issues.
thanks in advance
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Re: greyed out mods ingame list ?locating crash reports?

by Eran » Post

The greyed out mods are modpack names. The mods under these are the mods in the modpack. The UI doesn't really do a good job at making this clear.
Crash reports are stored in debug.txt which should be in you minetest installation. Be sure to let mod authors know of crashes in their mods.

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