[Mod] Cube Mobs - Mobs for survival using mobkit

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[Mod] Cube Mobs - Mobs for survival using mobkit

by Xanthus » Post

This mod uses mobkit and includes a number of simple looking box mobs with varying attacks. I created this to have a satisfying spread of mobs to fight against in survival. Graphics are probably placeholder for now, but mobs probably won't look to much more advanced than cubes. This will be part of a game I'm working on, but wanted to go ahead and release for feedback / other people to mess around with - let me know what you think!

Depends: default,mobkit, fire(optional)
Download: https://github.com/Xanthus1/cube_mobs/a ... master.zip
Github: https://github.com/Xanthus1/cube_mobs
License: MIT


Current Mobs:
Box: Standard jump attack
Small Box: Quicker, lower hp
Digging Box: When it hits the player, it digs 3x3 nodes one space beneath the player.
Shooter Box: Shoots projectiles at player from afar.
Fire Box: Spawns fire on the ground on a path to the player
Spike Box: Spawns spikes on the ground on a path to the player

Todo List:
Create more hostile mobs, and give all mobs slightly better names
Neutral cube mobs that have some utility / interaction.
Improve spawning method, maybe ABM? Also add spawn restrictions per mob.
Update graphics / sounds
Handle cooldowns better for Mob abilities - they can do them again after getting punched currently.
Include more item drops (Default items, or creating a couple more)

Release History:
v0.1 - 5/24/20

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Re: [Mod] Cube Mobs - Mobs for survival using mobkit

by BlueTangs Rock » Post

Seems like quite a nice mod. If you're looking for some suggestions for possible block-mob abilities I could give you some.
Look at that, a signiture box! To bad I have nothing to put in i-... Wait...

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