How many core devs played/play Minecraft?

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How many core devs played/play Minecraft?

by Zughy » Post

I was wondering how many core devs actually played Minecraft, hence the question. Of course with "played" I don't mean an hour and that's it, but more like at least a few weeks - as it's not something you can explore in a day.

Enlighten me, core devs (?)

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Re: How many core devs played/play Minecraft?

by v-rob » Post

Nope. I've played Minetest since (probably) 2012. I only learned of Minecraft a few years later, and at that point, why buy and play it when I was fine with Minetest? Plus, I was starting to learn modding at that point, and I gathered later that Minecraft did not have a modding API like Minetest. I don't think it has any bearing on my development, though. I don't consider Minecraft the standard for Minetest and judge from my experience in general. All the same, it makes little difference as I prefer to work with the modding API so my programming experience makes a bigger difference.
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Re: How many core devs played/play Minecraft?

by gpcf » Post

not a core dev, but I also have never played Minecraft. I haven't even touched that game.

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Re: How many core devs played/play Minecraft?

by Krock » Post

I once "played" Minecraft in 2012 (or so) on the Celeron D machine I had back then - together with a friend of mine. Interestingly the game was running smoothly, given the horrible computing performance.

That was for an hour at most. I did not really find joy in playing a plain world. But somehow I got back to the genre a bit later, but did not want to pay for it -> Minetest.

There was a similar topic in the old "Offtopic" forum (2015, perhaps?) but that forum went into the garbage bin.
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Re: How many core devs played/play Minecraft?

by paramat » Post

I never played MC but was addicted to watching multiplayer adventure map gameplay videos by Yogscast, Guude, Vintage Beef, BdoubleO etc.
I considered buying MC but first checked what alternatives there were, especially free ones. MT got my choice due to easy modding and a huge world height.

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Re: How many core devs played/play Minecraft?

by rubenwardy » Post

I've not played Minecraft, except for a brief demo version on Xbox 360.

I'm not particularly interested in Minecraft, probably feed the beast or TrainCraft is what would bring me to it - not that I've done those much in Minetest either. I'm happy modding Minetest, and playing RimWorld/Skyrim/etc

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