[Windows] Lone_Wolf's Minetest Installer builds

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[Windows] Lone_Wolf's Minetest Installer builds

by Lone_Wolf » Post


I use https://github.com/minetest/minetest#wi ... ix-toolset to create my installers.
If a 32 bit build is wanted I can look into creating that. I'll update the dev build every week or two

All installers should ship with latest MTG, I have made no changes or additions to the client otherwise

Minetest 5.3: Download Installer
Minetest 5.4-dev: Download Installer

Github repo: https://github.com/LoneWolfHT/minetest- ... rs-windows

Please report any problems here. I'm new to building on Windows

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Re: [Windows] Lone_Wolf's Minetest Installer builds

by Elektrika » Post

Works quite well, no issues!
I like mods that add dimensions and ores!

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Re: [Windows] Lone_Wolf's Minetest Installer builds

by Andoh » Post

Thank you sooooo much! 😀👍
I´ve been waiting for an updated installer so long!

Great news!

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