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Re: [Game] Repixture [3.12.1]

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Time for another progress report!

Mobs Rework

The Mobs Rework has seen significant progress in the last weeks. Here are the latest features:
  • All the existing mobs are now reimplemented
  • Mine turtle can explode again
  • Improved wool growing behavior
  • Re-implement death drop proability tables
  • Finished re-implementing the mob achievements
  • Mine turtle's lamp blinks instead of the whole mine turtle
  • Dogfighting and becoming aggressive was re-implemented
  • Updated strings in Weblate
  • Added compability code to the current Repixture version (so your mobs still work after the update)
  • Finished the API documentaion
  • Fixed animals jumping over fences
  • New sounds for Walker mob
  • Mobs can stop being angry after a few seconds
You can read more on the technical details of the new mobs system in this new thread.


Moreover on a separate branch, I started work on adding movement to the villager. Currently, villagers just stand around and don't move, unless provoked.

Villagers will get a new Lua pathfinder (A* algorithm) that has more features than the built-in Minetest pathfinder and become able to pathfind through doors, ladders and other climbable nodes while avoiding dangerous thistles, water ponds, cliffs, respecting 'disable_jump' as well as avoiding 1×1 holes in the wall they don't fit through. IMHO these are all features I should already have gotten "for free" in the Minetest pathfinder but whatever … *shrug*
Maybe the pathfinder code could serve as a template for an upgrade to the Minetest pathfinder later. :-)

The downside of the new pathfinder is that it is slower but I compensate that by executing it asynchronously so the server isn't blocked whenever a villager pathfinds. Without async support, this pathfinder would have been a non-starter.

I am also teaching villagers a basic 'day' schedule so they walk towards different points of interest during the day, matching their profession.

Further work

Now, the mobs rework is in a state I consider to be more or less feature-complete (FINALLY), now I am in the bugfixing and testing state. But this can still take a while. There are many many edge cases, especially for the villager, I needed to check and bugfix. Stability is one of the key goals of the Repixture project, I don't want to release a buggy mess.

I will be happy when I can finally close this chapter (for now) so I can start working on other features.

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Version 3.13.0 released!

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Version 3.13.0 released! The Mobs Update!
RP_Mobs_Rework_release.jpg (30.32 KiB) Viewed 2821 times
After a long, long work, I am very happy to announce the release of version 3.13.0. Nicknamed “The Mobs Update”!

This update completely reworks the mobs system. This is a very technical update, and the mobs mostly behave like in the previous version, but much more stable and less buggy. Animals now have a much improved survival instinct and avoid most deadly situations.

The villagers have gained the ability to explore the village, open doors and climb ladders. Villagers also no longer collide with objects, so they are more like the player.

There are no new mobs however.

I also tried to make sure compability with the previous version works well, so you should be able to upgrade without problems. But if something breaks after the update, please let me know!

  • Complete rework of the mobs system (animals, monsters, villagers)
  • Brand-new Mob API and pathfinder mod (see technical notes below)
  • Much-improved drowning and node damage handling (using drowning and node damage points)
  • Animals rise when in a liquid, villagers try to swim out of it
  • Mobs now more reliable retain internal status on server shutdown
  • Mobs now avoid walking into harmful blocks and ponds
  • Mob items are no longer stackable
  • Mobs are now capable of avoiding or escaping ponds, spikes, thistles and cliffs
  • Mobs no longer jump on blocks you're not allowed to jump on
  • New particle effects when mobs are breeding
  • Animals now follow and look at each other when willing to breed
  • Animals can no longer breed through walls. There must be a free line of sight
  • Boars now accept apples as food as well
  • Remove mob blood particles entirely (it was a setting)
  • Remove mobs_safe_spawn setting
  • Removed mob damage particle effects (for now)
  • Boar and walker mobs have new sounds
  • Baby boars now have a different skin
  • Sheep now need a minimum delay before wool can regrow (no matter how fast they eat grass)
  • Mobs and players now flash red instead of white when damaged
  • New Creative Mode item: Degrowth tool: Turns adult animals into children
  • Growth tool now turns child animals to adult
  • Captured mobs (in your inventory) now keep some of their information (health, etc.)
  • Captured sheared sheep now appear sheared in inventory, too
  • Mineturtle looks angry now when it's about to go boom
  • Mineturtle blinks differently when it's about to go boom
  • Villagers now follow a simple day schedule: They’ll walk around several points of interest based on their profession and current time of day
  • Villagers have gained the ability to open doors, climb ladders and find a path through complicated terrain
  • Villagers will claim a home bed and a worksite and walk towards it when it's the right time of day. Villager worksites:
    • Blacksmith: Furnace
    • Butcher: Furnace
    • Farmer: Any farmable plant like wheat
    • Tavernkeeper: Barrel
    • Carpenter: Bookshelf
  • Villagers no longer fight back, but they will still be angry at you
  • Villagers get new clothing based on their profession
  • Villagers drop new items depending on their profession
  • Villagers no longer collide with objects, like the player
  • Fix villager trades not being random enough
  • New sound effects for boar and walker mobs
  • Better mob death effect: Dead mobs now fall over, then disappear in a cloud of dust
Non-mob-related changes:
  • Various translation updates. German remains the only complete translation. Russian is now 90% complete.
  • Added "_gone" textures for statbars. The "gray" hearts now have their own texture.
  • Village: Add barrel in taverns (so the tavernkeeper will claim it as a worksite at evening)
Technical/compability notes:
  • The "mobs" mod is gone. The era of the Mobs Redo fork in Repixture is over.
  • New mods: "rp_mobs", "rp_mobs_mobs", "rp_mobs_spawn", "rp_mobs_mobs_spawn" and "rp_mobs_legacy"
  • The new mobs system is called "rp_mobs" and is extensively documented. See "API.md" in this mod if you're interested. Note the API is still officially experimental so I might do some API-breaking changes if I feel like it (hopefully not too many)
  • This update comes with a ton of backwards-compability code to ensure your mobs from previous versions still work smoothly. If something break about your mobs when you load the world in the new version, please complain!
  • The actual mobs are added in "rp_mobs_mobs".
  • Mod "parachute" renamed to "rp_parachute"
  • The "mobs:*" entities will be automatically replaced by "rp_mobs_mobs:*" entities when starting the new world. See the mod "rp_mobs_legacy" for details
  • New mod: "rp_pathfinder", a custom Lua-based A* pathfinder with many extra features compared to the Minetest pathfinder. However, it is slower (which can be compensated with async environments)
  • Mobs no longer use armor groups. They all have the same armor group now. The health of all mobs was adjusted proportionally. While the HP have changed, the gameplay effect should be minimal
  • The reason I removed object collision for the villager is because otherwise, the pathfinder would become even more complex.

Thanks for reading! I am relieved I can finally remove "Mobs Update" from my TODO list for this game. It was challenging and time-consuming work, but it was worth it. The new mobs system is quite powerful and more flexible which allows me to actually *add* a greater variety of mobs without the constraints of Mobs Redo.

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Version 3.13.1 released!

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Here comes a bugfix/maintenance release: Version 3.13.1 is here.

  • Fix crash when feeding animal
  • Fix possible color mismatch when stacking painted slabs
  • Fix player not get the door when the top piece was dug in Creative
  • Door now replaces replacable blocks like grass when placing (instead of placing it in front of them)
  • Remove crafting recipes for painted blocks, stairs and slabs
  • Use new texture file for bubble particles (separate from bubble.png)
  • Internal translation string updates
  • Use more precise biome height limits for the world edge
  • Can disable crafting recipes in rp_partialblocks now
  • Fix not_in_craft_guide being mostly ignored

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