Convert Minecraft maps to Minetest worlds

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Re: Convert Minecraft maps to Minetest worlds

by zadocallen » Post

Is there any way to convert a minecraft world to minetest without mucking about with lynux and installing python engine?

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Re: Convert Minecraft maps to Minetest worlds

by daxalofx17 » Post

why do you don't want to install python?

and you can convert mc world to mt on windows (im trying to do it on 10) so you don't need to have linux system but python engine is needed

i still have some errors with it so it's not working 100% (for me)
Sorry for my bad English if it's bad

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Re: Convert Minecraft maps to Minetest worlds

by Alatarius » Post

TumeniNodes wrote:
Sun Mar 27, 2016 02:14
It would be nice for those with only very basic tech-skills, to have more detailed instructions?
In layman's terms, I mean.
An average user is not going to have any idea how to use this / make it work (such as myself). I have tried a couple times now, (even read your vague instructions) and have failed each time to get it to even begin, and it is very frustrating.
This happens all the time, especially in things Linux related, coders / devs seem to forget that most users will not understand vague instructions.
What seems completely understandable and easy to comprehend for you, is probably not so for most end users.
This is not meant in any way as an insult, it is merely to point out that any users without coding experience are not going to be able to understand how to utilize your awesome mod.
I know I, myself would love to be able to use / try it, but I have become greatly frustrated trying to figure out how.
The same for the MC texture converter
I agree with this also. I'm just an end user and I don't get this at all. Which file in MC is the map file? Where do you find it? The naming scheme of MC worlds is very convoluted, there is no 'map' folder and anything with 'map' in the file name is about 20 different files. If this had drop down menus for the MC world folder it would make things much easier.

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Re: Convert Minecraft maps to Minetest worlds

by ROllerozxa » Post

mcimport is about as simple as command-line utilities go. You are supposed to select the Minecraft world folder's path as an argument and also somewhere to save it. If you do not want to learn how to work with command-line utilities then you might wanna pay someone to convert your world for you.

Anyways, I've found MysticTempest's fork to be more useful. It supports MineClone2 and is able to convert worlds at a better quality than whatever crappy MTG modset upstream uses (stained glass disappears, along with other blocks). I forked it in turn to update the mapblock format to use version 29, along with doing some aggressive optimisations to make converting large basic worlds faster (basically when you only need to convert the nodes in a world). Made quite a difference when converting a several gigabyte world depicting the city of Gothenburg from Minecraft into Minetest.


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Re: Convert Minecraft maps to Minetest worlds

by pias25ASA » Post

sofar wrote:
Mon Dec 07, 2015 00:31
The mcimport project provides a World Converter for whole Minecraft Maps (Minecraft saves) and the output is a new, playable Minetest world.

This project started out as a basic python converted written by Nore and dgm555. I've updated the project and have spent a lot of time making the conversion more and more complete ever since. We've merged the two projects into the minetest-tools organization as well.

The conversion is done as a single-step process that requires Python. Once the conversion is done, your world is ready to play! For large worlds, this process can take hours, even days if your world is huge.

Download: ...
Platform: Linux (others may work, but require extra software)
License: X11

  1. Download the tarball from here: ...
  2. Extract it
  3. Launch the converter
Or, to list the exact terminal commands, cut and paste the below text into a terminal:

Code: Select all

Minecraft Test Patterns:


Converted Result:


I'm doing things a bit differently though - my focus isn't to "copy exact", but to create a playable, approximation of the MC world.

So I expect that things like doors, beds, furnaces just work, and blocks are useful and usable. But blocks that have no purpose or don't exist in minetest are removed or replaced with equivalents that make sense in MT gameplay. Rotation of blocks is carefully done and verified.

- emerald ore is converted to stone
- redstone is as much possible converted to mese, with working pressure plates, wires, noteblocks, buttons, levers and a few more things

When you convert a MC savegame or world, it's expected to be in MC 1.11 format. I'm not supporting old formats. The code also writes a few extra files needed to make it all play nice with mapgen, mainly fixing the waterlevel and allowing you to tweak mapgen to single node easily. Note: The map now correctly leaves North in MC as North in MT (effectively changing coordinates for Every Block).

Mods: lots of mods required - none strange or obtuse, or hard to find mods, these are all very COMMON mods that most servers have, and most of them are contained within biomes_lib, plantlife, mesecons, moretrees, moreblocks, nether, flowerpot and nether mods already (and a few others on top of that). A script exists to help you download all the needed mods.

The converter creates all the required config files in the world folder, and the world should be playable without any extra configuration afterwards. You may however wish to tweak the mapgen parameters before loading the world for the first time in the minetest game. Currently, all mapgen will be disabled to prevent overwriting of the world content by mapgen.

To download all the required mods, a script is written in the world folder called Running this script will automatically get the correct mods and their latest versions for your converted world.
Fixerol wrote:Basically they are those mods:
Biomes_lib - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=12999
Plantlife - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3898
Home Decor - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2041
Mesecons - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=628
Moreblocks - viewtopic.php?id=509
Nether* - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5790
Quartz - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5682
I have a forked Nether mod in my github to add various nether brick blocks, but not very many people seem to be converting nether worlds, so you'll likely be fine without that.

You do not need to modify since the code writes out a perfectly usable version with the mod list. You just need to download these mods and install them in your mods folder. Please use the provided script for this purpose - you'll find it in the written world folder.

Conversion can be slow! A 6000x6000 MC world on my system takes ~ 8 hours. Even my test map (500x500 nodes) takes 2 minutes or so without pruning the map.

This program requires Zenity and Python3. These are widely available for Linux in most distributions, but may not be available on other platforms.

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