GUI hotkey setting for first item

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GUI hotkey setting for first item

by Astrobe » Post

For action-oriented games, allowing players to set hotkeys for different locations in the hotbar would be useful. Mouse wheel scrolling can be not accurate enough in these situations. I am savvy enough to have manually edited my minetest.conf to obtain this (keymap_slot1 = KEY_KEY_W etc.), but not everyone is.

I see the GUI for key settings is crowded already, so I'm asking for "just" one more. A hotkey for the first hotbar slot, which would also provide a two-keys fast access to 2 more slots, combined with the already existing previous/next item key bindings (previous item key used when on the first slot wraps to the last slot).

I think placing this new setting below the "next item" button instead of "zoom", and moving zoom below "toggle fog" while moving down the checkboxes would be logical and minimize the changes in the GUI.
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Re: GUI hotkey setting for first item

by Blockhead » Post

Honestly, I don't know why the keymap_slot1-32 settings were never exposed in the main menu settings GUI at least.
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