I was lookin around here, it looks like the coordination...

For people working on the C++ code.
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I was lookin around here, it looks like the coordination...

by aersixb9 » Post

Not obvious who is doing what ... I'd like to participate, I can make dynamic C# web sites and also know c++ and more :)

Anyways I'm gonna try compiling the source, and I'm a big fan of p2p so maybe there's ways to make playing the game also create the resources, like using the 'creative' mode to build 3d models for items ... also maybe recipes and more, or lemmie see what's already there :)

I like networking too! plus i can mix lingos but if this is C++ I bet that connects good to sql databases too via my new idea if anyone knows SQL, perhaps use a SQL database to store X,Y etc of all players

also more gamey, but anyways just ramblin i love to talk and i think notch is gonna fail ;p

or maybe i just don't wanna wait for him to add a real game to it, my first idea is to link the blocks on spawn, and also some loopin ideas more on my blog search 'minecraft' ;p

Anyways for fast coordination, maybe everybody could say what if anything anyone is currently doin or has done or anything else neat or about this or what they know about it?

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by Nocte » Post

I just read on the blog the main development has moved to the Minetest Delta fork. There are three other active forks as well, you could check them out to see what is being worked on in each of them.

One of the last things Celeron did was to add SQLite to the source tree, so there have been plans for a DB storage. If you want to experiment with that, take a look over here, especially at db.cpp and persistence-sqlite.cpp, for an example of how to store this type of game data.

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