[mod]forth turtle thing v0.2

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[mod]forth turtle thing v0.2

by jin_xi » Sun Feb 10, 2013 01:22

hi all,

this mod allows you to generate nodes via a turtle that you can control via a forth-style minimal language


use /giveme mineforth:build to get the forthstick. point it on a node and click.

left: run program.

right: gui. here you can enter your own programs and see help. NOTE only angle and chance settings work reliably now. dont change materials if you're not feeling experimental.

the programming language is forth like, but only does : ; DO LOOP LIT

an example program (be careful to enter as is, spaces are needed, its case sensitive)

: l 0 7 DO T LOOP ; : g 0 7 DO G LOOP ; : F 0 3 DO l + LOOP l & g ; : R 0 4 DO F + LOOP ; 0 12 DO [ R ] g LOOP

set the angle to 90

this makes 12 7x7x7 frames stacked ontop of eachother. turtle starts facing up

have fun, and post the programs you've come up with!

thanks to RealBadAngel for the l-system treegen and support and sapier for finding subtle errors that had me questioning my sanity...
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Re: [mod]forth turtle thing v0.2

by hajo » Mon Oct 31, 2016 21:26

Broken download-link:
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