Best Mods for Minetest Game for a Public Server

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Best Mods for Minetest Game for a Public Server

by Jordach » Thu Mar 19, 2015 20:57

So tomorrow I'm starting up a real Minetest Game based server, and I'd like some awesome mods to go with Mapgen V5, so that it doesn't feel as empty as say, the current state of the game. (Unlike my previous servers, this one is 24/7 with 125mbps line.)

So, here's my modlist (that will be added) so far:

- areas
- irc
- irc_extras
- jsethome
- player_textures

Anything else to complement that?
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Re: Best Mods for Minetest Game for a Public Server

by firefox » Fri Mar 20, 2015 08:10

carts (if it is not in the default game by now)

mapgen v5 has no biomes by default, so you need a mod that adds biomes to it.
Ethereal with baked clay and farming plus is great.
or if you want to use a more realistic map, i suggest to take a look at paramat's mapgen mods. one of them adds "natural" biomes to mapgen v5 and 7, like taiga, tundra, forest, jungles, plains, savanna, ect.

i am not really sure about this, but i think that moreTrees and Plantlife could also make a biome in an empty v5/7 world. (they spawn saplings on the map.) but then you would only get forest and grass.

Ethereal has illumishrooms underground.
if you don't use ethereal, you can enhance your underground with CaveRealms.

if you don't use PvP, you should have some mobs to fight.
i recommend Mobs Redo, it also has cows and sheep and chickens and bees.
(as far as i know it is only coded for ethereal and the default game. if you use a different mapgen, you have to edit the spawn settings to make the mobs spawn correctly.)
3D-Armor is also a must-have if you enable fighting.

travelling is also very important.
depending on your preferences you may use travelnet or one of the other teleporter mods.
they all come with different set ups and crafting prices.
if you don't give acces to teleporters or make teleporting very expensive (like on the Xanadu Server) you have to offer a diffrent method of fast travelling. (in Xanadu there are crystal boots and winged boots.)

and to create a nice atmosphere, you should use the Ambience mod (without music).
not only does it create bird sounds, it also has sounds for water and lava, wich makes the game much more appealing. (depending on the mapgen you use, you have to edit the settings in order to make it work in your world. the default settings only support the default game, the Xanadu version posted by Tenplus1 is specifically made for Ethereal worlds.)

that's all, i guess ...

oh, and the Irfurn mod is also nice. it adds beds, sofas and small tables.
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Re: Best Mods for Minetest Game for a Public Server

by rubenwardy » Fri Mar 20, 2015 08:48

I suggest:

3dforniture / HomeDecor / lrfurn
locked signs
shared chests (I forget the mod that adds this, it's by Sokomine)

I don't recommend mobs or ambience.

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Re: Best Mods for Minetest Game for a Public Server

by 12Me21 » Fri Mar 20, 2015 14:25

Mesecons. You can remove some features but please leave in microcontrollers.
If you're worried about creating too much lag, then I would suggest not using homedecor, or only using some of the features. It is a really big mod.

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Re: Best Mods for Minetest Game for a Public Server

by Krock » Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:06

Unified inventory or any other crafting guide.
Some different building materials could be welcome.

How about this Factory mod?
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