[Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

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[Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

by 12Me21 » Post

This mod is meant as a much smaller and simpler replacement for mesecons, mainly for survival servers.

"Mese Glass" - Mese glass is the replacement for mesecon wires. It conducts like mese blocks, but is much less expensive.
Button - Like the button in normal mesecons, but it's a full node.
Toggle Switch - Acts like the switch in normal mesecons, but can also be activated by mesecon signals (so you can have multiple buttons to open a single door)
Insulated Wire (coming soon) - like the insulated wire in the normal game, but without the complicated crafting recipe (saplings->glue->fiber->insulated)
Ghoststone - Like in the normal mod, but looks like normal stone when off, so you can make secret entrances with it.
XOR gate (coming soon) - you can combine XOR gates to form any other logic gates.

All together, this is a total of 12 different nodes, unlike mesecons, which has hundreds.

Textures: CC-BY-SA
Code: LGPL

Depends: Default

https://www.dropbox.com/s/665f07jj64w3a ... s.zip?dl=0

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Re: [Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

by MeowCat » Post

This will hopefully, because it is all of the server will use it, will be added to the minetest_game, it is really cool!
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Re: [Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

by Fixer » Post

Can you upload the mod to this forum for mirroring?

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Re: [Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

by amadin » Post

Fixerol wrote:Can you upload the mod to this forum for mirroring?
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Re: [Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

by mahmutelmas06 » Post

Lite version of mesecons is much usefull.
I hope the same for pipeworks
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Re: [Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

by MineYoshi » Post

Good work
Your work is awesome, and your idea more!

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Re: [Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

by programmingchicken » Post

actually all you need to make any logic gate is not gates(?)
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Re: [Mod] Mini Mesecons [minimesecons]

by lisacvuk » Post

Can you please use Github? It has several (millions) advantages over dropbox/forum file posting. For example, you can track your changes, and cooperate with other people on developing your mod. Most mods use it, as does Minetest game and engine.
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