Subject: [Mod] Calandria [0.1.0-RC1] [calandria]

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Subject: [Mod] Calandria [0.1.0-RC1] [calandria]

by technomancy » Mon Jun 29, 2015 15:54

Calandria is a mod that introduces unixlike servers programmable in Lua.

Servers in Calandria are accessed over a Terminal node or an Editor node; they run a multi-user faux-unix OS written in pure Lua. Each server has its own filesystem and ships with a number of built-in scripts, and new programs can easily be added in Lua.


Along with the OS module, Calandria depends on Diginet, a new wireless communication protocol implemented specifically for this mod. However, Calandria servers can also participate in Digilines networks and remotely reprogram LuaControllers.

Note that this is NOT SAFE for public servers; the security measures are more of a skeletal proof-of-concept than anything else, and it's easy to DOS a server with a script.

Due to limitations of the formspec system, the editor and terminal are somewhat primitive.

This mod is designed to encourage exploration of programming and other technical skills via a Piagetian learning process explained by Seymour Papert in his book Mindstorms, which was a significant inspiration for its creation. Other inspirations include ComputerCraft and Dronetest.

Please see the readme for more details: ... /

Code: GPLv3/later, textures: CC BY-SA

Mod dependencies: orb, diginet (viewtopic.php?f=47&t=12517)

Download: (this link contains the diginet and orb dependencies for easier installation)


Bug reports and feature discussions:

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Re: Subject: [Mod] Calandria [0.1.0-RC1] [calandria]

by juli » Tue Jun 14, 2016 05:33

is this mod still alive?
It seems to be very buggy, minetest crashed by first use of login ommand on the terminal

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