[MOD] Charcoal [charcoal]

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[MOD] Charcoal [charcoal]

by vlkolak » Fri Jul 03, 2015 21:56

Yep, yet another charcoal mod.

I did it, honestly, for recreational and self-education purposes.

Here it is:
Or browse it here

Depending on settings, the changes to your game from than mod will vary:
( see them here https://github.com/vlkolak/charcoal/blob/0.2.1/settings.txt )
charcoal.separate_node : enables the charcoal item.
If you set it to false, "cooking" wood will produces ordinary coal.
Else, you should be able to do gunpowder (if tnt is active), torches, dye and blocks from it, as well as using it - and blocks - as fuel.

And nerfs:
charcoal.cooking_time : in seconds, how long it will cook.
I did not want it to be too easy to have an infinite coal supply.
charcoal.lump_per_tree : If it is less than 4, you don't get planks to (char)coal recipe.
Again, I did not want it to be too easy to have an infinite coal supply.

Of course, you can change the settings per world.

I might do something from this list:

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