[Game] Regnum [3.2.10]

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Re: [Game] Regnum [3.2.5]

by davidthecreator » Fri Jul 06, 2018 13:24

Kilarin wrote:This looks interesting, but I have to admit I'm getting a bit discouraged.
I don't mind a challenge, I LIKE a difficult to play game. But I spawned in the middle of a huge sand desert. have to run immediately to water so that most of the mobs die before they get to me. searching and searching for some WOOD so I can craft armor or tools. After about 5 deaths, I finally find some dirt with grass, but there are no trees, and now green monsters kill me. After another 5 or so deaths, I FINALLY find a tree... It's a rubber tree and apparently can't be used to make wood and wooden tools?

I like difficult games, I really do, but I am struggling to figure out how to make forward progress in this one.

LOL... but after you get atleast 1 piece of armor, you are invincible to mobs....

should be more balanced...

Would suggest 1248 to add "hard_mobs" mod to this game... and maybe reduce spawnrates a bit...

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Re: [Game] Regnum [3.2.10]

by 1248 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 17:47

I will try to fix this.
Sorry for bad english


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