[Mod] Chunk-based land protection [tyrant_claim]

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[Mod] Chunk-based land protection [tyrant_claim]

by orwell » Sun May 29, 2016 16:40

tyrant_claim - Chunk-based self-protection based on tyrant and economy.

This mod allows players to protect areas based on chunks of 16x16 nodes for TestDollar (the currency provided by my economy mod).
The protection tool can be gotten via the command /protect, /unclaim sells the chunk you are standing in.
Inside init.lua there are some configuration options.

This mod is an integration for the tyrant library (see here https://github.com/orwell96/tyrant)

Depends on:
tyrant (https://github.com/orwell96/tyrant/archive/master.zip)
economy (https://github.com/orwell96/economy/archive/master.zip)

License: WTFPL
Download: https://github.com/orwell96/tyrant_claim/archive/master.zip
Github: https://github.com/orwell96/tyrant_claim/
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