[Mod] SimpleWarp Mod Bug Fix [simple_warp]

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[Mod] SimpleWarp Mod Bug Fix [simple_warp]

by 0xFireball » Thu Jun 09, 2016 22:09

I'm new to the Minetest Forums and modding in general.
This mod is simply a tiny bugfix to this mod: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?t=10681
I'm not sure as to what to do to contribute to the original mod, so I just made a new repository. Please let me know if I made a mistake.

- Add a gitignore file to ignore warp definitions
- Fix an issue with warping that caused the server to crash
- Change the file extension of warp definitions

Original mod description:
This mod adds private and public warps to Minetest.

List of commands :
/setwarp <name> (set a private warp at your current position)
/delwarp <name> (delete a private warp)
/setwarpall <name> (set a public warp at your current position)
/delwarpall <name> (delete a public warp)
/warps <index> (outputs the list of private warps, set page index to go to the next page)
/warpsall <index> (outputs the list of public warps, set page index to go to the next page)
/warp <location> (move to warp position)
Privs :
usewarp (can warp to worldwide/private locations)
warpown (can set/del private locations)
warpall (can set/del public locations)

Note :
The public locations have primary name claim, that means if you use /setwarp test and 'test' is already used publicly, the mod will throw an error. But if you had already set 'test' as private, /setwarpall test will ignore your location and you'll end up with conflicting names (in that case /warp test will always move you to the public location). An easy solution is to prefix the public locations.

Back to my modifications:

License: lgpl 2.1 as per the original work
Download: https://gitlab.com/ExaPhaserMinetest/simple_warp/repository/archive.zip?ref=master
Installation : Unzip the file and rename it to "simple_warp". Then move it to the mod directory.
Code: https://gitlab.com/ExaPhaserMinetest/simple_warp

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