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Server is in inactive mode, I may create another sometime.
But no plans currently.

"VoxAbility", the words voxel and ability combined, it's a Minetest server.

Last updated Friday, May 22 2020

Game Server Rules
Rules: No griefing (by getting around protection mod,
also respect someones build even if something is not protected
by owner, they may not know about protection blocks or how to
use them), no doxxing (do not reveal others real life info,
do not share your own), no trolling (be a builder,
an explorer), no dating (play minetest), no cracking
(use official builds of Minetest client), and no cursing or
sexual language (let this be a work safe, family friendly

**Important: proteted doors, and proteted trapdoors,and proteted chests
are only active when in a protected area of a placed protection block.

Some server specific settings
Protection blocks set to: protector_radius = 15 (default was 5)
protector_spawn = 50 : spawn protected by 50 radius
protector_flip = true : this makes using lag to grief hopefully impossible
protector_show_interval = 30 : hit protection block to see area it protects
shown for 30 seconds instead of default 5

You have /sethome and /home commands available by default.

Sleeping in a bed can potentially skip night,
but sleeping in bed is optional for all.
My GitLab, and Obior pages, and YouTube as QuixoticalPig, and Twitter as vuvvobUd. irc as QwertyDragon

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