[Mod] Dwarf Fortress style caverns [dfcaverns]

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Re: [Mod] Dwarf Fortress style caverns [dfcaverns]

by uwu666 » Post

EDIT: It doesn't matter anymore, I'll leave it as it is :)
apparently this mod causes the coalblock to burn out and no longer serve to make permanent flame, how can I make permanent flame now?
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Re: [Mod] Dwarf Fortress style caverns [dfcaverns]

by acidzebra » Post

FaceDeer wrote:
Tue Mar 24, 2020 01:29
Oh, MisterE, did my hint help? Should I give more? It's always difficult figuring out how hard a puzzle is when you're designing it from the inside, I was worried I might have made this one too tough. I didn't want it to be a walk in the park either, though - on the journey through life one should slow down a bit to smell the flowers. Getting through the Slade should be an _accomplishment_. But if nobody's figuring it out that's no fun either, I'll try to think of more ways to insert clues into the game.
I won't lie, the puzzle was a real headscratcher, the color part was easy enough, but the order threw me for a loop for a while. Even looked at the code briefly, but I figured you wouldn't add a puzzle where people need to brute-force through millions of possible combinations. I sat in front of it, frustrated, and then it suddenly clicked. Very rewarding, and a very neat effect when you activate it.

Ended up adding Hamlet's dwarves and carving out a city of gold in the primordial layer which is my absolute favorite.

Great mod, a magnum opus even if in multiplayer it can be a bit taxing when people are exploring and generating new areas.

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Re: [Mod] Dwarf Fortress style caverns [dfcaverns]

by cuthbertdoublebarrel » Post

this time i did not plunge to my death into the carverns from on high as i frolocked in a waterfall . though it did look very impressive on the way down . i now find i have burrowed up into it drawn by the voices of the dwarves , and now i am peeping out of my trapdoor .
puzzles you say ?.....hmmm
awaiting minetest hardcore mode .

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